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full-time at a community college right here in virginia. [applause] that is why i am so grateful that president obama and my husband are making quality investments to move us forward on education. i'm also involved in this election as a woman who cares about the direction of our country. i have seen barack and joe said that for our rights and freedoms every single day. -- stand up for our rights and freedoms every single day. the very first law put an obama signed with the lily ledbetter. the president and vice- president know how important it is for women to make our own decisions about our own bodies, our own health care. [applause] so many women of my generation have fought hard for roe versus wade, access to contraception and for equal rights. we don't want out daughters and granddaughters to have to go back and fight the same battles that we fought decades ago. [applause] we cannot forget about the importance of the supreme court in the direction this country could take. finally, i care about this country. about this election as a military mom. our son beau is a in the delaw
-smart and have a tough job, but president obama is right here. one is to my right, one is to my left, and the president is sitting on the stool, and they are both looking at me, saying yes, i did, now i did not, and i felt like this feels so familiar. i instinctively said well, he kind of did, but, and then turned and said the larger point -- i wish i had then -- -- i wish i had been -- that was shorthand. >> a lot of people ask me about if i thought it was appropriate, and aside from you be my friend, i defended you anyway because it is not that you interjected, but that you had it right when you interjected. that is the key. >> it would of been bad otherwise. [laughter] >> than we had a conspiracy theories that i had a transcript with me. i knew that was willing to come up? as you know, as reporters, things stick in your brain. you don't know where they come from. >> they only do if you have done the work. >> i wish i had been a tiny bit more articulate in the second that i was saying to romney you are right, but, and when i said the first thing, people started to applaud, which st
-span will bring that to you live. the president obama speaks at a rally in virginia. looking for your calls right now, watch and engage in share your thoughts and campaign 2012. where are you calling is from? >> the virgin islands. >> what are you watching? >> i am amazed at how expensive it is for anyone to try to run for office. you look at the presidential election, you see how long the president obama has been campaigning for reelection. i wonder on any other level how possible is for someone of average means to run for office. that is what means to me the most. >> tell us about what the coverage is like in the virgin islands. what kind of information are you getting? caller: we get the networks and other stations. luckily, we are doing our own congressional race. our non-voting member is donna christiansen. but not sure what our third- party candidates party is. then we have our local senatorial race where 7 persons represent each island in the local legislature. things are really hot and heavy here. the economy is the biggest issue. the question still is, how does a person like me run for o
, and rocky for being here. on the four issues i will address right now, you can deduce my positions of what i think. i will name afour positions in which i am very different from barack obama and mitt romney. first, obama and romney both claim that they were and still are for a balanced budget. reality. the obama budget this year was $1 trillion in deficits. the paul ryan budget which passed the u.s. house was $600 billion in deficit. i have the courage to submit a balanced budget if i'm elected president right after i'm inaugurated. secondly, i am for jobs and america for american citizens first, and the only candidate that has called for a near complete moritorium on green card admissions to the united states until unemployment is under 5%. it makes no sense to bring in so many foreign workers when our unemployment is so high in this country. [applause] secondly, third, we -- >> running low on time. >> we need the super p.a.c.sit n and political action committees, that would be one of the things to open up our country for greater process and greater voice by the people, and finally, we need
think obama care is a good thing if you think the failed stimulus is a good thing, if you think it's all right for washington, d.c. to close a plant in billings or higher utility bills and hurting our economy then you've got a path. i support -- support me for the united states senate if you believe that we can do better if we can renew, revitalize and rejuvenate our economy. i've got the plan and i'm asking for your vote. good knight to you all and god bless. >> that concludes our senate debate tonight. we would like to thank our two candidates for taking the time. it is now down to the final -- >> senator john tester is facing a tough reelection challenge from congressman reberg. they rate this race as a toss-up. overall 33 states across the country will hold u.s. senate elections on tuesday, 53 senators caucus with the democrats. the republicans need to pick up four seats to gain control of the senate. for the next 15 minutes your chance to weigh in on congressional races you might be watching and the presidential race and a larger context a chance for you to comment and talk to us ab
and his campaign has to do is absolutely right. his campaign has to work on the ground game. likely scenarios -- are not saying probable, but possible is for mitt romney to win the popular vote and barack obama to win the electoral college. we had that once before 12 years ago. vice president gore got about half a million votes and governor bush. but people forget that john carey had 71,000 more votes -- if john carey had gotten 71,000 more votes in ohio, he would have won the popular vote and by 3 million puritan -- 3 million. >> simply because of ohio? >> because of ohio. i think it is a possibility that governor romney will get something like 271 and lose the part of the vote. a goes to the question of whether we should have an electoral college at all. for the obama folks it is two things. it is all about a ground game, and one. and number two, he has to deliver a strong message not so much for the undecided, as scott said, but more so for those days voters that are not going to vote for governor romney under any circumstances. diyala decision they're making is whether it is wor
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6